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My entrepreneurial journey started with me leaving graduate school early because a small business was screaming my name. Six years later, I sold that business as I was recruited, to start a well-funded startup in the medical field. I sort of got tagged as a good start-up guy and over the next 30 years I was involved in (mostly) starting up and running a handful of companies for others - some smaller and some larger, some worked well and some did not work so well. 

As I have come to know EOS, and I look back on thirty plus years of starting up and running small and large businesses I recognize the incredible amount of human energy and dollars that were wasted when we operated with no common vision, no real accountability, and in an environment of individual achievers versus a unified team. I am 1000% convinced that all of those businesses would have been vastly improved if we would have been operating on EOS. 

Now, as an EOS Implementer, I am in a position to help leaders not repeat those same mistakes. I am passionate about the business and life changing power of the EOS fundamentals: CLARIFY, SIMPLIFY and ACHIEVE. 

A few personal notes: Growing up in Southeastern Ohio, I became an Eagle Scout at age 13. I attended Ohio State University, where I played lacrosse and graduated with a degree in finance and marketing. I am very active in my Church. I am a trained crisis intermediary. I am married with three grown children and seven grandchildren.



I lead businesses on a journey to get leadership teams better at three things:


Getting everyone in your organization 100% on the same page with where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.


Building a culture of discipline, focus and accountability so that everyone is executing on the vision.


Creating a healthy, functional, cohesive Leadership Team because unfortunately, strong leaders don’t always function well as a team.